At Selectmaz we understand and stress the importance of good brakes.  Weather it be upgraded factory brakes or complete aftermarket upgrade kits.  Brakes are a huge factor in any car and in most cases it can mean stopping time or hitting something your car doesn't agree with, Sometimes all that is needed is an improvement to your OEM setup,  but in case of increased power and hence faster acceleration your car will have to have its brakes upgraded to a larger upgraded setup.

See our Race Brakes Section Here

  • We also offer these kits for Mazda RX7  Ser 4, 5 & 6,  and can custom make a brake package to suit your application with any of the above mentioned kits.
  • We also offer braided brake lines, Race or Club sprint grade brake pads
  • All replacement parts for these brake kits are available from Selectmaz on request