Selectmaz Products

Performance - What is it really?

Performance is not just a box of go-fast bits, a bag of cash or the latest car. Real performance is people. The right people who can make the right combination, or more correctly; the complete package work and sometimes can make unlikely packages work.

At Selectmaz we have real experience with proven results, accumulated over 30 years in the field of Rotaries and Racing.

Over the years we have won many championships with our own cars, but what is even more encouraging is the fact that we have won championships with our clients cars, by putting together complete winning packages.

By selling complete packages made up of engines, exhausts, gearbox, brakes and suspensions, together with enthusiasm, experience, skill and knowledge, the end result is real performance. Some people say you can't buy experience; but you can at Selectmaz.

Life is short. Live fast and play hard. The highs are really worth it!