A cars suspension is a refined tool that if set up with the right parts and alignment can turn your can from a dangerous unsafe accident waiting to happen, into a car that not only handles the way in which you intend it to, but Reponses with an intended action and gives the driver a feedback into what the cars response is going to be.   Whether its going to under steer into the corner or over steer on the exit.  With the right equipment and some driver intuition you will soon be correcting the problem,  this however depends on the level of suspension your car has and what use you are using it for.  A well set up suspension package will not only improve braking and high speed stability but if not maintained and inspected during Service or inspection could lead to an unsafe vehicle.

At Selectmaz we have had 20 years of experience with all kinds of suspension use's.  From upgraded street packages to high level circuit and rally competition.

Ask one of our staff and we will set you up in the right direction with high quality components such as Bilstein, Koni, KYB.  Noltec bushes and custom suspension application. We also offer a huge range of OEM Bilstein units to suit all vehicles in either street, sport or Motor sport applications.