Dyno Tuning

First of all, a Chassis Dyno is a very expensive piece of equipment. Even the "cheap" versions are valued at approximately $35,000 dollars, not including accessories. The model we use here at Selectmaz is top of the range.

We have the top of the range Dyno Dynamics 650 roller full upgrade 2 wheel drive unit yet setup for future 4 wheel drive upgrades to help accommodate the latest cars from Japan and Europe. This unit is valued at over $120,000 plus installation. Our Dyno is regularly calibrated to insure it is performing as its designers set out to achieve, giving you piece of mind that you are not getting a bogus higher or lower  horse power reading than what you have. We have such inputs as ignition, exhaust and air temps, High speed lambda and can give you a print out after the job is done.

The English and New Zealander's actually have an alternative name for 'The Dyno', they call it 'The Rolling Road' which is the most accurate way of describing the equipment to someone who has never had the opportunity to see a Dyno for themselves.

The function of the Dyno is to enable an operator to drive a car at speeds of up to 300km/h while a second operator circles the vehicle, checking for faults and diagnosing problems as they come to hand. The second operator also monitors the diagnostic machine. This machine monitors voltage, current dwell, fuel pressure and exhaust emissions, as well as oscillating scope (ignition).

Whilst using the Dyno, it is possible to adjust timing, carburetion or fuel injection and see the results immediately, without the need for road testing. The Dyno may also be used to monitor the amount of torque up and down the range of revs, as well as measuring horsepower of the vehicle.

Weather its after installing computers systems such as Motec, we use the Dyno to retune the ecu's maps to best suit the cars performance and to obtain perfect air/ fuel ratios in different engine conditions

It is possible to see the Dyno, tune up machine, sound proof room, computers and Large high speed cooling fans etc. at our premises. With all of the added extras, it's no wonder Dyno Tunes are a little more expensive than your average tune up, but the extra dollars are well worth it.

However, all of this expensive equipment is only as good as the people who operate it. Fortunately, we have some of the best in the business at Selectmaz, and we have tuned and found faults in a wide range of vehicles, including a 600hp Chevy Sports Sedan! So, as you can see, there is quite an advantage to having your vehicle Dyno Tuned with us at Selectmaz. We not only have the equipment and experience, but we have the results to prove our superior service.

Why dont you come down and see what your car has or what it could have on our Dyno.